Eternal Gift

by Neil Chatterton

You shine so brightly
Bringing home happiness
Relief and laughter
People seek your favor
Their anticipation
Never halted
A sense of longing and want
So hard to touch.
Feeling real
Inside and out.

You are the way back
Into my world
Familiar faces,
Oh the joy.
You keep that key close
Intimate feelings once shared
By lovers
Inside a closed locket
Each one believing
It is they you favor,
It is they you smile upon
If only this one time.

Your gaze stretches out
Reaching gently for each one
That left you behind
As their journey began.

Some never come back
Miss feeling your warmth,
No longer safe wrapped tightly by your light.
Did they think of you in the end
As the inky blackness
Swallowed them
Or did their tears burn
Wishing they had waited
Just one more day.

Yearning for one more
Moonlit sky
Fingers stroking
Tongues gently searching
One moment of passion
Never to be felt again.
You cannot mourn or grieve

You have always been there Each generation repeating
Yet you shed no tears
Holding yourself above it all
Always being you.

©Neil Chatterton 2011

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