I Dont Know Why~ by Shreya

I don’t know why I keep on thinking about you,
Why this world seems to be brand new?
Why I miss you even if I meet you everyday?
Why you seem so far even if you are a call away?

I don’t know why each dream is about you?
Though I know you ain’t my beau;
Why it feels great to see your text?
Why I save yours and delete the rest?

I don’t know why it hurts when you don’t reply?
Why I get down whenever you say goodbye?
Why I always want you to be with me?
Why I write about you in my diary?

I don’t know why I wait for you to come?
Why all your chats make me feel awesome?
Why are you so special for me?
Why your presence makes me feel happy?

I don’t know why I am afraid to lose you?
Why do I find you in everything I do?
I guess I am in love with you;
n I know you don’t and why would you?

But boy no one can love you the way I do,
Cause no one can write poems for you as I do;
I know all this is like a pipedream,

©Shreya 2011


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Stalwart, Stoic, Cosmopolitan, Vivacious, Sybarite, Natural, Introvert, Deep, Mysterious, Obstinate, Outdoorsy, Dreamy, Hell-bent, Optimistic, Lazy, An Odd Duck (sometimes) I am comfortable in my own skin 🙂 I hate Chauvinists!!

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