Shades of Colors TJ Lubrano ~

 Shades of Colors~ by TJ Lubrano

As I close my eyes, Shades of Colors surround me
They cover my body, my heart, my soul
They dance on hidden tunes
Played by a piano unseen

As easy as it is to get lost
Amongst the Shades of Blue
It is as easy to be found
Amongst the Shades of Yellow

Can you see me?
Pearly dew drops on the Greenest of leaves.
I am there

With a Heart as Red as the Reddest Rose
Eyes with a touch of Sparkling Gold
I am there

Just remember
I am not Pink, Brown and Orange alone
Close your eyes
Look for me

Amongst the many Shades of Colors
I am there
Find me

© TJ Lubrano 2011

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