Africa's Red Sun~ by Jim McIntosh

Image by Jim McIntosh
Africa’s red sun is crying,
As its blood seeps out around.
Its wildlife is in deep strife
As man spreads across the ground.
A hunter pulls the trigger,
At a lion’s roaring sound,
A once majestic tawny beast,
Struck by that killing round.
Africa’s red sun is crying,
As its blood drips on the ground.
The symbol of all that was proud and tall,
Soon nowhere to be found.
A poacher drugs a rhino.
Can you hear that dreadful sound?
The chainsaw roars, into its skull it bores.
Another horn is China bound.
Africa’s red sun is crying,
As its blood flows on the ground,
As its mother dies, the baby cries.
Another elephant brought down.
A herder poisons a carcass,
Leaves it lying on the ground.
Very soon, the grass is strewn,
Dead wildlife all around.
Africa’s red sun is crying,
As its blood floods o’er the ground,

When will we find the place and time,
To share Nature’s playground?

© Jim McIntosh 2011


Note from Poet:

Red eyes tell us when someone has been crying.
Africa’s fiery orangy red evening sun is long remembered by all Africans and travellers.
One day we may remember Africa for all the elephant, lion, rhinos and other great animals that once walked the savannah there…and we may all cry for them.



A custom shoemaker, slowly wearing out his tools. No sign of slowing down for this not so young traveller, but sometimes I just have to take time out to repair my worn out soles. They’ve been around, and it’s time to talk of where they’ve been.

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6 thoughts on “CC- Africa’s Red Sun~ by Jim McIntosh

  1. Hi JIM, many drivers for this. Asian countries increasing affluence = now more demand for ivory and rhino horn. Even container loads of pangolins being shipped there illegally.
    And at local level, that higher price is tempting locals to make a quick dollar as they face poverty.

  2. Thanks Rimly. Many parts of Africa have been stripped of big wildlife. Tourists flock to see the huge migrations in the Serengeti and think wow so many animals. But hardly any know that Africa’s second largest migration in Botswana has all but been destroyed through human intervention. So when I was asked to write about a colour, I was looking at African sunset pics of mine so wrote about Red for sun and blood.

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