We Become New

by Willow

How it feels to be touching you…
I am an IO moth ; orange and yellow as pollen,
winging my way to you
through clotted night.
I could crumble in your fingers
still searing you with my light;
Yet our meaning together
is hardy as an onion
and layeredl
Goes into our blood like garlic,
Sour as lemon,
Gritty as wheat germ,
Whole as unhusked grain,
Rich as Autumn mead,
Golden as a honeycomb,
many chambers we share.

When I am turning slowly in the woven weaving of our talk,
when I am chocolate melting
into you,
I taste everything new in your mouth.

You are not my old friend.
How did I used to sit and look at you?
Now, though I seem to be standing still,
I am flying flying flying
in the trees of your eyes.

©Willow Rose 2011

19 thoughts on “We Become New~ by Willow Rose

    • I will certainly be happy to bring it to the attention of administration first thing about your problems of not knowing where to post an inappropriate and redundant phrase and, as this is MY Beat Room earned by dint of hard work and talent I am asking you nicely to leave my poetry room and remove all traces of yourself immediately, Perhaps you coud find some crumbling tenement more suited to your cerebral output of inane graffiti than a poetry room for serious artists. If you have a comment about my poetry fine; but you have shown lack of respect for the administrators of Blognostics, as well as me and the other artists by complaining you didn’t know where to post. I am sure there will be no doubt in your mind as soon as I make a phone call.,

    • Dolores,

      A portion of your comment has been removed from BlogNostics.
      We as admins reserve the right to remove any comment we deem not in lacking in the spirit of creative and constructive criticisms. please read our disclaimer .to avoid any further negative energy. We are trying to create a positive, nurturing environment for our creative members.

      Thank You

  1. fOh sancheeta, I reply in the small stirrings of hope that you will get this. I humbly beg your forgiveness…oh my this is not a poem this is an apology and a thank you…first, I am so sorry it took me so long to know you responded and where to respond to your comments; especially since your comment was a mini-poem by itself…beautiful; I am honored and I hope you will visit again. Thank you for showing me how this works. I hope to see you soon! Such a beautiful comment to discover now! Love, Willow

    • Dearest pamanner, Thank you so very much for your beautiful comment and believe me, if I could have chosen four words to describe my poem I couldn’t have done better than you! Accept my apology for not getting back to you with a quickness; learning a new computer at the same time I realize some one or two or three may enjoy my poetry has just made me crazy-excited; the bottom line is you took the time and I hope I see you again…soon! Cheers; Willow

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