Colour Me

by Janaki Nagaraj

Deep in my heart
Passion in my blood
Desire to conquer
Colour me Red!

Nature spurts life
I too turn a new leaf
In the season of spring
Colour me Green!

At times I am depressed
I dive deep within myself
Searching is the clue
Colour me Blue!

Friends are the sunshine
Like soft notes from a
I bask in their love
Colour me Yellow!

I blush under his gaze
His love, a warm embrace
He turned my life in a wink
Colour me Pink!

Life can be overwhelming
That’s why I look upto to
In prayer I find light
Colour me White!

The overcast sky
Makes me come alive
To rains, never say nay
Colour me Gray!

I came from this Earth
And so I endure
In grief I drown
Colour me Brown!

Quiet prone to anger
Here I don’t have a knack
Logic turns its back
Colour me Black!

Life is a painted canvas
Happiness its frame
Intelligence is meeting a challenge
Colour me Orange!

©Janaki Nagaraj 2011

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