Wearing Pink on Tuesday~ by Tameka Mullins

the lovely color seeped into my blood stream
causing a fuchsia-bomb of possibilities
my smile was liquid and flowed wide
exposing vanilla covered enamel
and a cherry red tongue
limbs were loose
stride was strong
hips were bouncing to their own beat
the sun shone on my crown
transforming its dimmed highlights
into a kaleidoscope of colors
birds sang sweet symphonies
while kittens meowed melodies
and wrapped themselves around my ankles
each step was like a milestone
conversations became fellowships
glances were awakenings
wearing pink on tuesday turned my hello world
into hallelujah and holla if you hear me!
what in the world would i wear on wednesday?

©Tameka Mullins 2011


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Tameka Mullins/Tamstarz is a budding blogger and novelist with a sensitive heart and a passionate pen. Her first love is poetry, but she is enamored with prose and smitten with the written word in general.

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16 thoughts on “Wearing Pink on Tuesday ~by Tameka Mullins

  1. I love this. I must admit years ago it was a most hated color although I’m not sure why. I love it now and wear it whenever I need to feel girly and happy. Thanks for making me smile today.

  2. So thrilled to be a part of this creative community! Thanks for your kind words. Pink is one of my favorite colors and I feel magical when wearing it. Let me know how you feel next week! Hope something wonderful happens! 🙂

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