Bandidas Benditas

by Willow Rose

I love the stalk
of a stealthy raccoon.
Denizen of the night
wild nature in bandit eyes,
stealing into suburbia
making a mockery
of all the barriers
erected to keep out what was
and is within.
A metallic clang!
And the neighbor’s garbage can lid
is off again…
I give him a silent high five –
sitting in the dark and smoking
my last cigarette;
Leaving him to root and loot
making all the pages
on adaptation
a paragraph;
this raccoon speaks volumes!
So I sit and listen,
watch and learn,
and commune with the simple
sweet nature of night.
It pries me open!
And all is clear.
The neighbor’s porch light
snaps on
and garbage is everywhere!
They curse and yell
and go back to bed;
A furtive movement
the raccoon is still there!
He leisurely samples
then takes what he needs,
He shows no fear,
and will not scare–
he will not scare!

©Willow Rose 2011

12 thoughts on “Bandidas Benditas~ by Willow Rose

  1. Alasdair Urquhart

    Bless you Willow I thoroughly enjoyed your empathy and loving description of a raccoon \’on the scrounge..wonderful..
    Blessed and blessing in the sharing:)
    Grace and Gratitude


    • Thank you, Absolutely Alasdair; I have always loved their sly faces, clever eyes, and hands of black leather gloves! I may just call you Absolutely Alasdair as a friend signs Almost_______and his name and there is nothing remotely almost about you; your creativity encompasses so many different mediums; in fact, I can’t think of anything you don’t use to engage as many senses as possible thus enhancing the joy of seeing the world in a new and remarkable way; through your eyes. I am so happy to share the joy the simple creatures bring out in us both. Shine on my beautiful friend! love, willow

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