Professor Tortoise~ by Nzube Ifechukwu

You carry your house
anywhere you go
afraid to let anyone in
lest they get to know the treasures therein
and storm at night
to do away with everything.
No crime
for the tortoise does it,
but unlike the prudent tortoise
that finds its way through the door
you do through the window.
Please learn to find your way
through the door
for the misty morning must call.
And what fatal fall will it be!
It is not you I pity
but your house
which must then submissively lie starkers
under the sun’s and every eye’s varied gaze.

                  ©Nzube Ifechukwu 2011


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Born on May 25 1992, Nzube Ifechukwu hails from Ichi in Anambra state, Nigeria. He has been published in online magazines; and in the Sunday Sun, the Sunday edition of the Sun – a Nigerian daily. Nzube writes short stories as well.

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