Pleasure to Meet You~ by Dan Dillard

I speak to your children at night while they sleep.
The scars that I leave can’t be seen, but they’re deep.
Terrible visions comprise my attack,
I paint them in shades of both crimson and black.

They scream in their dreams seeking shelter and warmth.
I tear off the roof, raining down in a swarm.
Shivers are what I provide, to be clear.
Disease, discomfort, displeasure and fear.

I lurk in the shadows and wait for their sigh.
It releases their tension, their longing to cry.
Boiling and swirling I hide underneath,
In an instant I face them, sharp claws and fanged teeth.

The shrieks give me pleasure and feed my dark heart.
My frightening methods take patience and art.
My success will be measured in blood, sweat and tears.
I’ve taken great pride over thousands of years.

A figment of sorts, now your safety is fleeting,
My powers grow stronger with each nightly meeting.
I’ll show you true horror and fill you with lies.
Friends call me Nightmare, now please, close your eyes.

©Dan Dillard


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I write things down. Actually I type–so I suppose I’m more of a typist than a writer. Whether or not I’m any good is up to you and none of my business.

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