Free At Last~ by Jenni De La Torre

Just maybe you were right
and maybe I was wrong.
I no longer want to fight
I do not want to play along.

I want to quit this game
I hate it when I lose.
It would not be the same
if you were standing in my shoes.

Tell me why you hurt me.
Please tell me why you lie.
Open up your eyes and see
the way you make me cry.

I’m tired of making plans
and having them fall through.
You’ve enslaved me with your hands
there is nothing I can do.

I cannot see right from wrong
my whole world’s turned to black.
I’ve forgotten where I belong
I just wait for your attack.

Lying on the floor again
you stand screaming from above.
Fear rushes through my brain
when you tell me this is love.

“This isn’t love!” I demand.
“You treat me very bad.”
Once again you lift your hand
“Bitch, I’m the best you’ve ever had.”

I can’t take this, I’m leaving you.
I scream out, “We are done!”
“I will tell you when we’re through”
you yell, “I’ve only just begun!”

If I can get up off this floor
and make it to the car
just a few steps to the door
it’s really not that far.

The moment I arise
you aim your gun at me.
But, unlike your other tries
this time I’ve broken free.

You can’t hurt me anymore
no longer will you strive.
At last I’ve made it out that door
but, I didn’t get out alive.

©Jenni De La Torre



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Jenni has earned several accomplishments in the short period of time that I have written; poetry contest trophies, published articles.

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4 thoughts on “Free At Last~ by Jenni De La Torre

    • Thank you Tameka. To be completely honest there are times I stare at my finished work and I wonder if it’s the best it could be. I couldn’t be any more humble if I tried. LOL I am so grateful for everyone who reads what I write though.

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