Spare Me, Love Me Red~ by Sancheeta Biswas

i am bloated on your page.
poison dreams nuzzle,
premonitions catch the peripheral neuropathy.
linguistic sword slits down
‘us’ to monochrome

crispy dried anguish
cries loud, you are
stubborn to spin,
to turn around, sprinkle rain.
a slash, an emptiness
struggle, your autograph,
life a misguided puzzle.

sizzling the protocols of promises
insuring wishes, fear
the syntax stretched to
liquor dark black and brown.
a stain you print, your witness
embed on every frill of my gown

spare me dilated
on your capricious impulses,
i seek your purposeful splashes
on sunrise eclipses.
my shadow will fade,
dark dreaded fate
bleed in faith,
you and only you
can soak the distress.

we can spin a tale, a fairy tale
never regret when emotions flow,
never stop them, let them explore,
spare me love or spare me death.

©Sancheeta Biswas

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