Letter of Marque

by Pamela Rossow

You stand gripping your letter
of marque yellowed waving
Congress stamped close to me
too near me. Your mahogany
eyes telling me you have the
right to take from me what is
mine what was mine.

Only papers are needed
legitimate piracy you utter
legs planted arms crossed
gaze firm unwavering
close to me too near me.
The plank shudders. Diverted
eyes I raise.

How am I to get back what
you stole from me? The beating
pulsing piece of me that pumps
crimson through my channels and
life through my waterways? A split
second your tawny eyes flicker.
Concern or pity? I cannot tell.

Your stance remains unreadable.
Emboldened I ask once more.
The plank bounces. How am I
to get back what you stole from
me? You stand close to me too
near me. You stare silently into
my sunglow eyes.

©Pamela Rossow 2011

5 thoughts on “Letter of Marque by Pamela Rossow

  1. Wow, the fear and tension is palpable as well as the miasma of injustice and powerlessness. Women were little more than chattel at one time and we must never forget there are those who still live in fear and yet are trapped by circumstances truly beyond their control and not the least being a society that has little compassion and an abundance of judgement and advice. Your repetition of “too near to me” made me feel an imminent danger and ultimate powerlessness to change a future determined by another. I am literally shaking…very powerful, Pamela.

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