Not Imaginary~ by Arthur High

We met one night, across music’s light
In search of notes, to soothe our souls
We were each unknown, to the other
Yet by music, sister found brother

She called herself, one whose’ imaginary
She seemed to duck, all that’s reality
Yet through this veil, her music tells
The story of a lady, who’s always real

Her heart shines, a pure bright light
From her soul, comes strength and might
The caring love, she gives to this world
These are the things, that make her real

She’s touched my life, in so many ways
She turns the night, into day
If I have a need, she’s always near
She lightens my life, takes way my fear

I’ve never met, someone so real
So loving a person, she knows how to feel
To all the world, I say she is real
Because of her love, and the way that she feels

©Arthur High, June 2011


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