A Blogger’s Life~ by Rachel Hoyt

Have you met the “follow me and I’ll follow you” crowd?
They make me want to scream “buzz off” out loud!
Newbies want to befriend my personal facebook page?
It kind of creeps me out and sends me into a rage.

Normally I’m all happy smiley and stuff,
but with some people, nice isn’t enough.
They don’t read what you wrote in the post
before linking their blog in and beginning to boast.

Is it so much to ask that people do what they ask?
Shouldn’t they be willing to perform the same task?
Reading and commenting is a nice thing to do.
Nice bloggers will return the favor for you.

You should try it. It’s a fun world to explore –
advice, photos, news, art and stories galore.
You might make some nice friends along the way.
It also doesn’t hurt to be clever with what you say.

Blogging may never make me a millionaire
but perhaps someday it’ll buy me a nice chair
to sit in with my laptop late into the night
still wishing blog fame was within my sight.

©Rachel Hoyt


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I’m a sociologist and writer who loves to rhyme. So I’m blogging for fun on the things of our time. All the poems on this page are my original work, so don’t reprint without permission or I’ll get you, you jerk! (Facebook posts, tweets and links are a-ok. But nothing in full print unless I get paid.)


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