The Road by Rimly Bezbaruah

We embarked fearlessly
On a road, you and I
A promise, love and hope
Our only guiding light
An unfathomable chasm
Separated us yet we
Sought that crossroad

To our union,
Our togetherness…
My hand reached out
To you across the abyss
Of possibilities
But your hand lay by your side
Inert, holding back
Leaving me directionless

As you took our
Road with you
Who am I? I wondered
Doubts seized me
Was I a distraction?
Or the woman you
Truly loved?

Without a choice
I turned towards
The unknown,
A road of pain
Despair and fear
Its path strewn
With corpses of broken dreams
And unfulfilled desires

I heard their wails
Of souls tormented
Of hearts shattered
And I knew I was
Not alone
I under stand
The palpable darkness
Spreading its tentacles
Longed to possess me
I scurried along the
Haunted trail
My wails in tune

With the others
An age long walk
Down the devastation
The lure was strong
To stay forever
But I walked,
Tripping and falling

I walked
Seeking the light…
The life that was mine…
Every faltering step forward
A shedding of old skin,
Helplessness, despair, agony
Slithered away
As darkness gave in
To the day,
The night pierced
By the first rays…
The echoing cries

Faded away
Happy chirping birds
Filled the air with
Their morning songs
In the distance
I saw him…
He who had come
In my dreams
The one that chased
My nightmares away
Hands outstretched…
I ran, reborn
The old dying for the new
As he took me
In his arms
I knew I was
Home at last.

 ©Rimly Bezbarua

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