My First Kiss by Lisa Brandel

I bent to kiss my love for the first time
As our lips touched
The clouds behind my eyes unfolded
and I saw my dying.

Still present she had my hand
Wither and weathered
From the eroding
Winds of life.

With a patient love
She bent for the last kiss.
The warmth against my cooling skin
Swaddled me in ease.

Thirty years of our life rode softly on her lips
Like the beacon of hope she had been
Her love struck me and reflected
Into my heart with that single touch.

The walls of my dying space
Were filled with all the secrets of my life
The dancing patterns of a time spent with one,
As one.

I tried to grasp the shafts of light
To anchor me in this moment of
Limbo but I could not.

I fell away from her.
And the patterns of choices not yet made

The light of love broke my feathered fall
Seeing to my comfort.
But shadows beneath the illuminated memories
Taught me where I misspent the currency
Of my time.
I was awash with the educated agony
of my mistakes.

When I could fall no more
My eyes opened.
The shadows and light were gone.
Only she remained
A fresh start
A new beginning
A first second chance
given in mercy
To correct the errors
I might have made.
To make the prophecy
A dream.
And the dream
A forgotten fear.

©Lisa Brandel 2011

4 thoughts on “My First Kiss by Lisa Brandel

  1. “Taught me where I misspent the currency of my time.” I love that line Lisa; I think about that many times when I am impatient and waiting for time to pass how one day I would give anything to have those minutes back. Reminds me of the song “Dust in the Wind,” when they sing “and all your money won’t another minute buy.” I think there are thoughts many people can relate to.

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