bn~Odyssey: An Expedition of Essays

Welcome to the Odyssey. Prepare yourself to take us away to a far off land within fact or fiction.

bn~Odyssey: An Expedition of Essays:

Once every 2 months BlogNostics will choose a Theme about either a countries culture, dress, habit or history for you the ‘BlogNosticators’ to Pen something about. Whether it is based on fact or taken to a New Dimension is totally up to you!

Many of the themes may be brought back in the future. SO if you do get involved make sure to keep your entries safe thereby having the ability to add to your series.

There could be a new Attenborough/National Geographic Documentary or a new Asinov/Tolkien World appearing here soon.

bn-Odyssey for now is purely for the love of writing and others to read. Maybe later it will get Hardcore!

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FYI please keep your Odyssey Piece to a maximum of 1500 words.
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Once you have completed your creative masterpiece make it a point to leave a comment on other BogNosticators Odyssey Efforts.

BlogNostics is about all of you! Let’s see what You Can Do!

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