Gladiatorial Dare


Pitting One Artist against One Other Talented
Writer, Photographer and Poet periodically throughout the year to see
who will wear the wreath of Victory.

Welcome to the Circus BlogNosticus. Sit back and watch the Spectacle unfold.
In the BlogNostics Arena ‘BlogNosticators’ are Chosen to go head to head, mano a mano in the Gladiatorial Dare.

Depending what mood BlogNostics is in will influence what Theme will be thought of. Once the theme and current Gladiatorial Dare is up and running there will not only be Battles of Creative Writers but also we will be ‘Pitting’ Photographers and Poets to see who will wear the wreath of Victory after each Event. Check the Sign Up page to find out what the theme will be used this time around.

Next November 2012, the previous winners of each Medium will then be asked to compete for their Emperor one final time and Our BlogNostician-Spectators once again will decide the winner by how many thumbs up (likes) your entry has been given. In the end Only 1 bn~Gladiator per medium can and will remain standing in the Arena.

There will be a grand prize awarded to each of the Victors. We have chosen not to reveal what the Grand prize will be until we are closer to the final battle. 

Please keep in mind this is all in Good Fun.

Click me to Reveal the Rules of the Game:

Sign Up and put your creative thinking caps on.
Grab your BlogNostics Gladiatorial Dare Badge and the script. Place all of this material on a post in your site.
In your SEO Tags use the following: The Title, BlogNostics Gladiatorial Dare, BlogNostics Blogging Event. Let’s burn Google Up.
FYI you will receive a confirmation email of what the theme is about and the deadline for it to be posted on BlogNostics.

Please Promote Your Piece on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and everywhere else. We will do our part for you as well.

Once the Combat is over please make it a point to leave a comment on your Opponents Gladiatorial Efforts on BlogNostics.

Those that Dare Win!! Are you Game?
BlogNostics is about all of you! Let’s see what You Can Do!

All bloggers who would like to participate click the red bar now!