BlogNostics Membership Details for Poetry Creative, Writing and Arts

Blognostics is an independent literary organization committed to poetry, creative writing and art. We are dedicated to bringing you unique possibilities through interactive publishing and new dimensions of writing and art. We work closely with contemporary writers, poets and artists to deliver to our readers a novel and stimulating user experience.

We endeavor to set a different standard for presentation in the poetry community by bringing you content in a way that is compelling, powerful, and dynamic in a medium that appeals to the eye as well as the mind. BlogNostics and our dedicated staff and editors pride ourselves in discovering new writers and celebrating the best poetry written today. We strive to publish your works before the largest possible audience.

It takes the staff at BlogNostics many hours to read through your submissions, set them to a collection and page, publish, share and maintain the site, This dedication from our staff to you–the writers and our readers–is our highest priority. We strive to bring you the best possible experience in online publishing.

We strive to be an ad-limited site. We restrict our ad revenue to that paid by artists and writers who chose to promote their work directly on our site. We still depend heavily on membership for our revenue. Please consider subscribing to BlogNostics for $25.00 per year. The more subscriptions, the more quickly we can grow BlogNostics, implement new media features, and keep it current, timely, and advertising limited. Your donation helps BlogNostics flourish so we can continue doing our very best for you.