Of Memories Dreams by Lisa Brandel Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness

Of Memories Dreams by Lisa Brandel Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness

Image courtesy of Lisa Brandel


Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness is amongst us BlogNosticators.... Do you know what that means??? That means we go Pink and bring awareness to Breast Cancer for the Month of October.

We need as many people as possible to help bring Breast Cancer Awareness to the blogging community. How you might ask? Well we will tell you...

BlogNostics has joined forces with Jenni De La Torre from For Jens Sake In February of 2011 her younger sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Three days after her sister was diagnosed she passed away. Since her sisters passing Jenni has been very active in bringing awareness about Breast Cancer to the world. She supports people who are fighting the good fight with Breast Cancer and connects with survivors on a daily basis. BlogNostics feels that we have chosen the perfect spokeswoman for this cause. Please Join her FaceBook Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge Event It's fun, its safe and the only thing you have to do is wear something pink for the month of October. And yeah, invite your friends and spread the word
All bloggers and non Bloggers are welcome to enter this event. It is all about bringing Awareness to the world

The BlogNostics Breast Cancer Awareness Contest:

A Friendly Reminder To Enter You Must Register with BlogNostics.

BlogNostics would like to hear how Breast Cancer has affected you and/or a person you know and love. We would like to know how being diagnosed with Breast Cancer has changed your life or the lives of the people you know. Be it for better or worse.

Count Me In:

Time Frame: Oct. 1 and go through Oct.31, 2011. Writers, Poets, Photographers, Illustrators, Song Writers and Musicians are all welcome to join in. We want you and need you, for without you there is no awareness. Writer please write your real life story about you or a person you chose that has been afflicted with Breast Cancer and How it has Changed your/their lives. Poets please write a poem about your personal plight or the plight of someone you chose who has been hit with Breast Cancer. You can even write about the disease itself. Photographers and Illustrators please tell us your visual story with photos or illustrations. Use a photo/photos or illustrations of the person that you feel tells the story of how their having Breast Cancer affected you. Feel free to use words if you so wish but your goal is to give us the visuals Song Writers and Musicians this is a great time to collaborate and bring us something wonderful to listen to. Song Writers who team up with Musicians can produce a YouTube video so we can all listen to and see. IMPORTANT: All contest entries should include how they battled it, if they are still battling or are now in remission, how many times they have battled it, any organization that they went through for help, and if they died, (R.I.P.) the day their suffering ended.

How Do I Rock This Event:

Blognostics is asking for donations in the amounts of $1, $5, $10, 25 or more to be donated when signing up for this event. All donations made will go to 1 of the following 5 organization. The donations are useful for the organization and the people they help. Our Goal is to raise $5000.00. Donate what you can!

Please make your donation below and help in the fight against Breast Cancer. Lets Make a difference together

Submit your 1 of a kind original piece using the Contact Us Button on the top left hand corner of the site. We will publish you as soon as we receive your submission.

BlogNosticator BCA Winners and Prizes.....

First off you are all winners in the Cause for bringing Awareness to Breast Cancer. 1st place winner gets to choose which organization the donation will go to. BlogNostics will issue a cheque to the chosen organization. name. Plus a 500 x 68 banner in which you will get to advertize your site for a month on BlogNostics. We might not have a page ranking with Google yet but our Alexa Ranking is outstanding. 2nd place winner gets to choose from any signed image in Lisa Brandel's collection Art and The Human Condition. (National and International Shipping Free courtesy of Lisa Brandel). Plus a 210 x 200 ad space for a month on BlogNostics Side bar.. 3rd place winner gets a 100 x 100 ad space on the side bar of BlogNostics and will be featured on our landing page as Blogger of the Month in November.


All participants of BCA will be shown below...

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