Tanka by Paweł Markiewicz

Tanka by Jessy Bissal

Two shepherd's tanka. The peaceful tanka • Zwei Hirtentanka. Die Friendenstanka

the shepherd’s poem in the village
magic of the miracle
I like the longing wings
which decorate my world fully
with the shepherd’s imagination

das Hirtengedicht im Dorf
Zaubereien des Wunders
ich mag die Sehnsuchtsfl¸gel
die meine Welt voll schm¸cken
mit der Hirtenphantasie

I like songs of the shepherd
a thousand words of magic
your wings in the heart
long live shepherd’s
peace full of magic-dreaming

ich hab Hirtenlieder gern
tausend Worte des Zaubers
deine Fl¸gel in dem Herz
es lebe Hirtenfrieden
voller Zaubertr umerei


cold fall wind and oak
the route of ants in his bark
is washed by rain drops

the drop is like ambrosia
that was drunk by Hercules

dawn in the autumn
I’m finding ancient antlers
in dark forest-temple

I want to hang antlers over
my picture with Ibycus

mossy forest glade
red deer is shedding antlers
next to ferns with bees

bees announce the happiness
ferns hide the treasure of love


wind is swaying leaves
I am picking an one leaf
to my haiku-book

I decorate this book with
illustrations like miracle

fog and volcano
poet is writing poems
gazing at crater

a bird is flying above
with melancholic beauty

a way into temple
I am moving over carpets
of lotus flowers

the flowers hide boleti
and wonderful healing herbs


dawn and autumn wind
falconer is releasing
his hawk in the air

birds – harbingers of freedom
and wonderful fulfillment


Tanka by Paweł Markiewicz


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