2014 Memorial Day Commemoration

A few days ago, I got to watch “The Lone Survivor,” a movie starring Mark Wahlberg about a four man team of Navy Seals on a recon mission to track down a Taliban leader in the mountains of Afghanistan. The movie is based on a nonfiction book written by Petty Officer Marcus Lutrell, who lived the true life story of the failed mission that ended with his three fellow frogmen dead and him barely alive to tell what happened.
Watching the movie, I felt anger, frustration, and sadness as Lutrell (played by Wahlberg) and his buddies kept getting cornered by the Taliban. Watching the three other guys die in very horrific ways reminded me of what the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces put on the line when they go to war. Not only are they fighting for our country, but they are also fighting for the respect and admiration of oppressed people in a foreign land. When Lutrell gets unlikely assistance from Afghani villagers who also hate the Taliban, it demonstrated that our soldiers are more than killing machines. They also serve as ambassadors because they are the first ones to interact with the locals in the places America goes to war in.
Guys like Lutrell and every single person who has served in the armed services make sure the fire of democracy is never extinguished. Today and everyday, let’s honor them.

BlogNostics honors our veterans in our 1st Annual Memorial Day Commemoration, Thank You for paying tribute to your loved ones in the Armed Forces.

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