There Was A Time~

There Was A Time~ by Ron Reed

There was a time
when sweeping the autumn blanket
into piles while breathing crisp air
was enough
the assurance of normal and tomorrow
ending with a warm fire
and hot cider

This season is gray…cold
and uninviting
there is an inexplicable void
where memory and presence
where sensory perception
and illusion grow from the fog

This separate reality
then and now intersecting
then and now… questioning
a rib pulled to create something new
a breath given to extend life
a life taken to make a point
a point as sharp as pain

Every moment is a memory
every memory a test
time sands the edges smooth
and perception is moulded
into palpable stories
the ending suits the raconteur
and yet… there was a time

For MLR…

© Ron Reed 2012


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