My Release~ by Tameka Mullins

Imagine me filling you up
You’d be imprinted with passion marks all over as I release
My love is a beast
Words per minute is high and I won’t cease

The sentences, paragraphs and chapters increase
My appetite is deep
I’ll keep you rising like yeast
Our connection is so sweet

You amaze me and keep me lifted in the face of defeat
You are my safe house
My literary retreat.
Magic happens every time we meet

It’s not always easy though
Sometimes we clash, and my feelings won’t flow
You send me reeling & crashing and pacing the floor

In those moments I take a breather
Then my heart longs for you and cries
So I then seek to feed her

Come here my lovely
Let me embrace you
Take you to exotic locations
And then super satiate you

My hands are wrapped around joy
And creating a rhythm
You acquiesce slowly
Revealing my vision

My inner creations look so beautiful on you
You wear them so well
I’m your lover for life
Together we meld

To separate would be tragic
A pain I can’t bear
I’m never leaving this home
Yes, I want to die there

In between the lines of your love
In excellent care
You are my release

 Tameka Mullins ©2012




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Tameka Mullins/Tamstarz is a budding blogger and novelist with a sensitive heart and a passionate pen. Her first love is poetry, but she is enamored with prose and smitten with the written word in general.

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