bn's~ Secret Muse 'the Phantom'

Strikes bn~ City

Holy Keyboard Envy! We have an ‘Angel of Writing’, and that is the bn~Secret Muse. He/She is the personification of creative inspiration, epitomizing the sense of community and fellowship. A true resident BlogNosticator of bn~City. Not so long ago a very talented and artistic writer joined BlogNostics. The very first piece Daune Ketelaar wrote was for our current Compilations Series. We found out that she had written her part of “Surgery Hours” which was about 372 words entirely on her cell phone. Not only did she happen to write her first piece for us on her cell phone she wound up having to do it twice. As Daune told us, “I was literally typing the last sentence of my piece for the series and an incoming call deleted everything! UGH! Retyping it as fast as I can, right now! Hope it doesn’t goof up your deadline!” Needless to say she got it to us at BlogNostics with time to spare. A lesser person would have thrown up their hands and said “@#*& it”, but not this lady. Her Haiku pieces have also been solely written from her cell phone making it just a bit more of a tedious way to write. It takes Daune 10x’s longer to create a piece than most of our members. Many times she has been forced to start from scratch because she has lost all the data from her phone. Daune’s love of writing began in the 3rd grade, through the years life got in the way and she stopped hearing the beautiful, unearthly voice which sang to her in her dreams and spoke to her in her youth. Although life has gotten in the way and thrown countless obstacles in Daune Ketelaar’s direction she has persevered and found her ‘Angel of Writing’ once again. BN’s~ Secret Muse or as we call him/her The Phantom of BlogNostics, who shall remain anonymous, heard of Daune’s plight and stepped in unannounced to save the day. Daune was informed the other day that she was receiving a brand new Dell 1500 Laptop computer via FedEx. It has a 500GB hardrive, 3 GB Ram, WI-FI and LAN network capabilities, USB3 connectivity, BlueTooth and much more. Thanks to this wonderful and unexpected gift, “The Angel of Writing” has returned to Daune’s life the ability to write more freely and we at BlogNostics are thrilled that she has the ability to continue writing now with more ease. We look forward to reading more of her writings on the pages of BlogNositcs. No excuses now!

A letter from Daune to BlogNostics and especially to the Phantom of BlogNostics, ‘The Secret Muse’ Thank you to the amazing administrators and wonderful writers at Blognostics for believing in me unconditionally and together with my secret muse, bringing me through the time warp and into the 21st century! Many, many, blessings to my secret muse, for bringing the world to my little cabin in the desert and for affording me a means by which to share my journey with the world! May I be a good steward of this gracious gift and become a writer worthy of such generosity. I will begin loading my blog, recently renamed “Secret Muse,” with content immediately. The goal will be to have it up and running for public viewing within the next 90 days, or less! So many stories to tell and only the rest of my life in which to tell them!

Look at that Smile… Priceless!!! Click Images to Enlarge

Daune Ketelaar, Your “Secret Muse” wishes you all the success that life can grant you.
The Phantom of BlogNostics strikes. Holy Cumquats!

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  1. A wonderful thing Blognostics has done for a member who gave much more than bargained for. Welcome Daune and congrats on your new laptop. Look forward to getting to know you more and in reading your blog when it’s up and running. The Universe has smiled down upon you and given you an amazing chance to shine. May you never take a second of it for granted. Be and stay blessed. <3

  2. Duane, I commend you on your true dedication and commitment to writing from your heart. You have received a wonderful gift from the ‘Phantom’ and have answered a dream for you. Looking forward to visiting your new blog and reading your story 🙂

  3. Thank you, thank you, everyone! This site’s kindness, support, and unfailing dedication to writers at every stage of their journey has given me the courage to spread my wings and fly! Write on!
    Blessings & Hugs,

  4. I fell upon this site from new friends. It is good to see communities like this supporting each other. Writing is good for the soul for the writer and the reader. Very nice gesture. Daune, write and have fun.

  5. Thanks is so awesome! Daune, that is true dedication. You epitomize the true heart of a writer. Bless you and the BN Phantom! I can’t think of an outcome more just.

    Daune, you sent a request to Skype with me, but I have to say, your laptop is better than mine, I don’t have Skype capability!! (hint, hint) LOL! just kidding. All the best. I know I don’t have to tell you this but keep on writing! <3

  6. That’s an amazing achievement re-writing a piece after it being deleted. Often I find re-doing an article that has been lost results in shortcuts or a hurried effort just to get it done. Wll done Daune!

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