Dotted Line~ by Cheryl M. Williams

Never mock it

Change is due and it is just that in theory

The diminutive range of space where so much takes place

Lying in wait for the John Hancock

Seal your fate


Ink sinks and penetrates after the debate

Erotic almost

Two become one

In the blink of an eye a deal is born

Bonds are sealed

Some true character revealed

Bewares, lest you be rewarded

Many find themselves thwarted

Figurative stone

When your name, ink and paper meet

Whether discreet or in these streets

Following you home and abroad

Mindful of its power they steady mingle

And if there be profiteers their fingertips tingle

Short of nothing derive without it

You ponder the possibilities

In the still of the moment it beckons

Reckon you thought to resist and shook at it your fist!

Or did you welcome it like an engaging kiss?

This… is a token

More powerful than what is spoken

Many promises and dreams have been built or broken

Careful what sign

And never on a dime

Even lives met demise due to the dotted line

©Cheryl M. Williams


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Cheryl M. Williams is a Substitute Teacher & Freelance Writer. She currently attends college and enjoys blogging in her spare time.

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3 thoughts on “Dotted Line~ by Cheryl M. Williams

  1. Cheryl I really enjoyed your perceptive poem observing how we are so much a part of the bureaucracy from the beginning to the end of life. Interesting how you showed it as almost erotic; I never thought of that; but it certainly is a symbiotic relationship! Very clever and imaginative.~~~~~

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